Creative Marketing; Why kicking in open doors is still difficult

The Harvard Business Review just published an article on “What Creativity in Marketing Looks Like Today”.These type of articles always make me cringe; too many open doors, too much generic advice. Unfortunately, the HBR “analysis” is no different. But it also made me wonder; why are we always talking about seemingly obvious insights? You would […]

Siebe Gerbranda
April 6, 2017

Three tips to get started in China

Our insights from the Alibaba HQ Last week our team was present at the e-trade mission organized by Alibaba and the Dutch Government. The mission was lead by Dutch Prince Constantijn and consisted of >100 carefully selected e-commerce companies from The Netherlands and Belgium. Key part of the event was the presentation of the “Cross-border […]

Siebe Gerbranda
March 22, 2017

the future in e-commerce: “China-First” ?!

I have always learned to not mix business with politics, so I’ll try to stay away from politics as much as possible here. However, there is a marketing concept that we have been preaching at The George over the last 3 years which can be valuable for any brand thinking of entering the Chinese market. […]

Siebe Gerbranda
January 30, 2017

E-commerce in China unstoppable

The Chinese economy regularly makes headlines overseas. While in previous years it was all about growth and opportunity, recently all the international news outlets can talk about is struggling stock exchanges, a volatile currency and growth rates slowing down. The negative trends in the market are without a doubt very significant and have implications on business […]

Siebe Gerbranda
February 15, 2016

The Smarter Way to Onboard Users

READ ALL ABOUT IT! We are thrilled to announce the release of our newest marketing tool, Onboarder is a purpose built web application that enables web visitors to select their product or service preferences. Now users are able to really understand your specific value proposition based on their given criterion. It’s as if you had a sales assistant right on […]

Friederike Nissen
February 9, 2016

[DigiDutch] We Are On Board

TheGeorge has officially joined the DigiDutch family. DigiDutch is collective of companies specialised in complementary e-commerce services in China. We service companies to launch in the China market or who want to expand their strategy to sell online in China. Combined we have 50 years of experience and 200 employees at your service. Key services […]

Siebe Gerbranda
December 18, 2015

Video Marketing Tips for 2015: It’s all about the context

Summary As a performance agency, we love video marketing. Used in the right context, videos can revitalise conversion rates, overcome plateaus of engagement and improve customer perceptions. We encounter many companies still hesitant to invest in this area. The perception is still video is too expensive, risky and time consuming. All in all, it’s a […]

Friederike Nissen
July 1, 2015

WeChat Marketing: How to Grow a Community Through Creativity

Ever run into the following issues when investing into social media? – You obtain a mass of followers with entertaining and relevant content, but the conversion from followers to buyers is incredibly low. And what about engagement? You accumulate a base of fans on WeChat, but very few of them react to any of your […]

Lino Bragadini
June 26, 2015

Remarketing: A Simple Guide to Regaining Lost Customers

Ever run a campaign and be a little disappointed with final conversion rate? You made sure the target audience was accurately reached, you managed to get many users onto the checkout page, but you just weren’t able to close the sale? You’re not alone.

June 12, 2015